Sto Tepping

Economically unremarkable, Sto Tepping has a few blacksmiths and various other craftsmen, but the two business’ that stand out are Mage of the Coast publishing’s primary office, and the adventuring megastore; the Heroes Folley.


One of three main cities in Oakcoast, Sto Tepping is located on a wide open plain south of the Wyrmberg on one of the main rivers that flows down from the frost melt of the snow capped mountains. It is the central hub for all economic and political activity for most of the central areas of Oakcoast, as well as offering a comfortable bed and many stores of interest to the heroes passing through.


Sto Tepping was founded upon the banks of the river Bonce River, initially as a waystation for those travelling east to the coast. It soon begun to grow into an enconomic hub for the region, as traders for all directions converged.


Sto Tepping is home to a reasonably diverse range of species, including humans, dwarves, halflings and gnomes. Elves and eladrin are not uncommon, but generally only pass through on their way to Llanowar. Other races, such as dragonborn, goliaths and minotaurs are not unheard of, but most certainly in the minority.
Racial attitudes are progressive, a reflection of the general consensus of the region. Citizens adopt a pragmatic aproach to race; everyone is different, you cause no trouble to me, and I’ll be none to you. A common expression is “To an elf, a man is too short, to a dwarf, too tall”
Sto Tepping does have an on going problem with hobgoblins, an urban dwelling subspecies of the more common plain dwelling monster. Heroes are often employed to flush the sewers clean of such creatures, and either are rewarded or simply allowed to keep what loot they find.


Initially, Sto Teppings primary source of economic growth was in the service sector, providing beds, food and the occational produce to travelling traders and heroes. But with the growth of technomancy, Sto Tepping has become the driving force behind the new technomantic revolution. Home to not only one of the largest docking spires for several regions, it is also the home to the headquarters of both Gnomish Telecoms, the first Orb-based telecommunications company, but also Mages of the Bay, the largest publishing firm in the world.


Sto Tepping is ruled over by a small government consisting of heads of each of the guilds. Any organisation can form a guild provided they meet the requirments, and then may be granted a seat at government. Officially the current guild roster lists 5 members; the Guild of Inns and Taverns (which also includeds purveyors of cooked food), the Guild of Artificers, the Guild of Traders and Merchants, the Guild of Messengers (including print and the Orbs) and the Guild of Commerce. There are movements to establish a guild for the sky-ship industry, as well as rumours that both the brothels and assassins have guild status, although this is pure conjecture.


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Sto Tepping

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