Kleeshay is a small, ubiquitous village on the banks of the River Trope. It has two primary exports; cabbage and people who want to leave Kleeshay. You could describe Kleeshay as unique, but only in the sense that everything in Kleeshay is unique, and if by unique you mean ‘only one of’. So naturally, in a small village where the only source of entertainment is the annual cabbage toss, the ‘unique’ inn is the natural hub. Known as ‘the Heroes Gather’ as an attempt to create an air of mystery and excitement.

Events of Note

Kleeshay, along with several surrounding farmsteads and hamlets, was subject to repeated raids by Kobold bandit parties. It was soon discovered by a party of heroes that they were gathering whatever loot they could steal for a Kobold Wyrmpriest, who had a blue dragon under his thrall. The dragon later turned out to be Telemore, the Phoenix Wyrm.
Following Telemore’s liberation by the same band of heroes, much of Kleeshay was razed to the ground, but the villagers have been industriously rebuilding.


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